Oct 16, 2017

Exterior House Color Picks

Hi Friends!

Guess what I did today?

Yes! I chose the exterior colors of our to-be-built home.
Let's cut to the chase...

As follows:

Roof: Charcoal Grey Shingles

Metal Roof : Dark Bronze (rounded porch)

Barrel Vault: Jacobean Stain (wood ceiling of porch)

Siding: SW 6173 Cocoon

Trim: Pure White (windows, doors, columns, flower box)

Soffit: SW 7048 Urbane Bronze (matching the side garage and back exterior doors)

Gutters: Bronze

Front Door: Dark Gel Stain w/ Pure White Sidelites and Transom

Corbels: Jacobean Stain (Garage)

I was pretty sure I wanted an army green house when we got to our appointment this afternoon but our neighborhood doesn't let you build a similar color house next to each other.

OK...I can appreciate that.

We are only the third buyer in our section to choose a house color and wouldn't you know, our next door neighbors chose a similar green that I wanted. So...I am flexible!

Cocoon was a runner up anyway and in the end I am super excited about our choice. I was afraid that the greens I was looking at could look a bit lime or pea green in certain lights.

I was imagining the home in a putty or muddy green color against white trim with wood accents. The wood accents are on the roof of our porch. They call it a barrel vault and I chose Jacobean stain for the ceiling of that. Also, the corbels on the garage are wood and will match the porch ceiling from the side. I believe it is important to play colors or finishes in more than one place when looking at the whole picture.

Our front entrance door is fiberglass but we are going to use a dark gel stain on it to coordinate with the wood ceiling on the porch and hope for the best. I haven't been a fan of gel stain to work with myself but at least if it doesn't turn out I can change the finish myself.

What I am really excited about is the roof, soffit and gutters. Here are my thoughts on this but I don't really have example pictures to show yet.

I love a chunky trim or thick top trim on interior walls above doors and along a ceiling (crown molding). That preference goes for the exterior too. So for my home I want the roof to look like a thick sort of cap/trim to make the roof appear more chunky. I chose bronze gutters and a bronze paint for the soffit (the trim following the roof shingles). I love the look and hope it appears as I imagine. I replay that bronze paint color on the side garage man door and the exterior french doors at the back patio.
This will be the very first before picture. We are hoping for some of those pretty trees to stay.

That story may not be as exciting to you as it is for me but let me just throw in some home exterior eye candy for you...
Our builder just completed this beautiful home for an event called the Massey Street of Hope. It's a fundraiser for the cancer center in downtown Richmond. People pay to view these amazing homes and the proceeds go straight to the hospital. You can read more about that here.
This home has bronze gutters and white soffits.
That roof above the porch is metal but I am not sure what color it is but it looks similar to what we picked out for ours and the bronze gutters are here too.
I like the contrast of colors on this home.
The model homes are all open daily and staged beautifully.
The mix of home styles here is amazing. Partly, we decided this was the place for us to settle because of the character, amenities and schools. There are plenty of trails for riding bikes or running. I am hoping from the bottom of my heart that this is a good move for us.

Our home is a bit more humble than the ones you see in these photos but we believe the quality of materials and property values will be worth living among them.
I am happy that this process is moving along. I was proud of myself for being decisive in our meeting today. I didn't get too emotional and I feel great about our selections.

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a fun week!

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Oct 12, 2017

Staging a Retail Space

Hello Friends!

You all know I have a shop space in Virginia. This is my happy place where I can fluff, stack and do things to stage furniture and accessories that normally wouldn't be displayed the same at home.
Like opening a drawer and have rustic items peeking out.
I might hang a rusty fence above a bed for a headboard at home but in the shop it saves putting holes in the walls. I use 'S' hooks to hang lighter weight items from the chain link. The chain link fence hangs from three heavy duty Monkey Hooks.

I found out about Monkey Hooks when I was styling homes in Connecticut. They are sometimes called Hercules hooks. Find them with framing and picture hanging items at the hardware store. If you haven't tried them, when you do you will thank me!
If you remember in a previous post I showed our apartment with this enormous dining table in it. Well, we moved it here for better use of space. It takes up floor space here and it is now for sale (again).  It also provides a place for small items to be displayed at different heights.
I covered the stained top with a drop cloth to protect the table. No chairs are included with it so it makes for even more space to layer items for sale. Underneath decor is one of my favorite things to add to spice up empty space between table legs. I pick up baskets and magazine racks for that as I hunt for treasures.

I pay for the square footage at the shop so I may as well get the most out of my investment.
I try to think of the way I like to shop as I place my merchandise. I am not the shopper who likes to ask for assistance if I can't reach something. I will buy more if I can just grab it easily.
Rather than hanging things that I have multiples of they go in baskets or, in this case, a doll cradle. I like the way they look clustered together and it keeps my walls free for bigger items. Customers can just grab one to purchase without any inconvenience.
It looks busy for a home but for shopping it looks like you might find something unique here - like that angel made out of a pillar.

I have a friend who is in this business too. She is rotating her merchandise and I am thankful that she calls me to come pick through her cast offs to purchase. Adding some of her funky pieces breaks up my tendency to add minimal color. A little whimsy is good. A statement piece is always great!
Ms. Angel is hollow inside so the top was open. I nailed some burlap inside and around the hole to create a pocket for her "hair".  LOL! My pots on hand were not quite the right size. Seasonal living plants would be super cute too. She's like a chia pet only a chia vintage angel.
Our high school took down an old chain link fence last summer. Another friend is on the booster club and let me know that they were going to call to get some junk picked up. "No, no - wait!" I cried.

The fence was rusty, heavy and quite a test of patience to work with (I am current on my tetanus shot) but not only did I get one rolled out to hang on the wall, I decided to keep the other piece rolled up leaning against the wall - it's anchored there so it doesn't fall over on one of our customers - that would be a hot mess. Again - "S" hooks are my best friends when I need a random place for smaller items.
Some of these displays would work to decorate at home too. An old ladder with a floral basket and Spanish moss hanging from it. I even like to layer my mantel with empty frames, mirrors and greens.

The fixed door and awning might work in a bedroom. A big item that just stays put like that is a great way to fill a wall without having to hang art or lots of pictures. Gallery walls are beautiful but they are easy to get wrong too. In a shop - I believe that permanent pieces are a must to save the walls. It creates a consistent back drop that compliments what you want to sell.
This could be done at home....why not take an old basket, top it with a wreath and throw in a lantern? It works, it's interesting.

I like unexpected items displayed together and at different heights to keep the customers eye moving all over. Some people may think it looks strange  - but they do look.

I hope you enjoyed shopping my space. We don't have on line shopping yet but if you see something you love you can leave me a comment and I will get back with you.

Thanks for stopping by and have a super fun day!


Oct 9, 2017

A Drive Through the Country

Sundays are my lazy days. I love to spend time with my family taking it easy.

Sometimes a drive is a good way to get the boys to talk.

Marc is always looking up land listings on Zillow. Today we decided to take a drive just to look at one. It took us through some pretty country roads.
Do you remember the magazine Country Home? I started to subscribe to that once I became interested in decorating our first house.

I don't think my style is or was ever considered "country".
The magazines and HGTV shows that I chose to watch, and sometimes still do, romanticize the country life and I have always felt drawn to it.

Virginia has some beautiful country. Today on our drive I tried to imagine living out here, far away from Wegmans and Target.
Although we saw some beautiful estate type homes with rolling pastures, quaint farmhouses and country homes on our drive I was amazed at how many old abandoned structures were among them.
In some places it looks like the land owners just built a house next to their old house but left the old one there too.
There is a rugged aspect of country life that I can imagine my family and I enjoying. Campfires in the backyard, chickens, puppies, four wheeling and various projects going on all of the time.

I used to hoard old doors, windows and old wood on the side of our garage in Connecticut. Nobody cared. We had a 4 wheeler trail and a fire pit, even a target for shooting a 22 (responsibly).

That home was the closest living to country that I have ever experienced.
This time around we are buying for the neighborhood, school district and home styles. I love the country - but only for the drive at this point in life.
I see potential in every abandoned place. However, as much as I am tempted to buy a fixer upper in the country, I know in my heart that this time around we are ready for some fun social neighbors, a pool and trails in the community with a few kids close by that my boys can hang out with.

Impromptu BBQ's and walks with friends around the streets of suburbia waving at neighbors makes us feel part of the community and that is what we are looking for at this point in time.
I know on Sundays Marc will continue to watch Zillow for a great piece of country property.

For now, I will continue to contemplate what cabinet color we will choose for our suburban kitchen (house #4).
After our drive I return to my smiling dog, Mazi. She really smiles! (even though it makes her look mean as anything)

Have a fun week!

Oct 5, 2017

Lovely Vanilla Apartment Tour

Hello Lovely,
WELCOME to our apartment!

We are in the long process of building a home so while we are very patiently waiting we are living in a 1300 square foot apartment.
Ms. Mazi is going to be your hostess and tour guide. She digs this stuff!
However, she will have to be excused for a few photos because the landscapers are outside working and they are very interesting and a bit suspicious! (wink)
Here it is - our very vanilla apartment. I could end the tour there because really this is it - where we work, live, eat, chat and everything - except sleep (well, once in a while somebody sleeps out here).

It's not beautiful or an inspiration so much but one of my readers requested to see our apartment. Here you go Bailey Wife and friends!
But I won't end the tour there - I am giving you the real deal. Key word here is real.

I just recently hung a few things on the walls. Can you imagine it even more plain?

The furniture we have furnished our temporary home with is all from The Goodwill or used except for the few new purchased items like the sectional sofa, Marc's desk and two of the dining chairs - oh, and our mattresses but you won't see those in this tour - (Vanilla? Not even that!).
When we decided to leave Utah (link to house tour 3 here), we had to go quickly to get started at our new school and work. We put all of our belongings into storage units and packed several suitcases and flew to Virginia. We had our cars brought out by a carrier.

We wanted to get to the area and house shop before moving all of our stuff across country. We didn't expect to build but after searching around that is what we decided to do - for better or worse. We expected to be in this apartment for up to 6 months but it's taking much longer than that (thanks to the custom aspect of this building process - and I'm not even being that picky!).
We moved into this apartment sight unseen. I knew I wouldn't love the kitchen and all but I was pleasantly surprised to find brand new carpet and the rooms are bigger than I expected. The location was exactly right for the school district and the apartment complex is right across the street from our old neighborhood that our house tour 2 is in.

NOTE: We lived in this same town from 2012 to 2015 - moved to Utah where we have family - loved the family not where we lived - 18 months later we returned to VA. That was not fun and I took a sabbatical from blogging.

We originally furnished our place for a short term stay and I didn't bother to do much until recently. I have tried to make it feel somewhat like our home.
Both my husband and I work from home. Here is HIS office...(in addition to his car and Starbucks).
And if you turn around, there is HERS....(real)
I actually rent a garage on the first floor for the painting of bigger pieces of furniture that I do for my retail space at The Lazy Daisy Gift Store.
You can go ahead and notice that most of our furniture is unfinished - I haven't made refinishing or painting our furniture a priority. Except for this dining table.  It's entirely too big for this space but when I came across it, I refinished it put it in the shop to sell but after seeing it all done I really wanted to keep it for the new house. So we moved it back here.

We still have another 6 months to go before we move into our house and the table takes up too much space. I am working on another dining option.

Marc reminds me that "there is not going to be a shortage of good furniture".

OK! (sigh)
Luckily we have an extension to our living/office space on this little deck. Lately the weather is the best of the whole year so the doors stay open. (that is not Mazi's best side)
There you are - take it from here Ms. Mazi (like Daisy).
Is there anything you want to share about your favorite space Ms. Mazi?

Yes, this is where you keep a close watch on what goes on in the complex.  We use it to relax but you like to be on high alert and yes, sometimes you get banned from the deck because you bark. I know!
Oh, you want to add something? Yes, the whole family can not fit out here but it makes for great one on one conversations between two of us at a time...the neighbors get to hear all of it. (eye roll)
I am trying to listen to Marc (my husband) about the "no shortage of good furniture" but this old weathered bench is one of a kind. We have a future mudroom that it is perfect for. It will also save us a lot of money on a built in bench - plus, it adds much more character. Don't you agree?

(Why the wheels? My guys were not home so I attached wheels to the feet so I could actually move the heavy beast by myself - even up a flight of stairs - that was NOT a pretty moment in time, I promise!)
The bench is so cool, functional AND I didn't quite break my back bringing it in, although somebody could have seen my underwear had they been looking (acrobats).
SO - what do you think? Don't you agree - Va-nil-la?

But a few of my efforts to make it homey are ...
Fur throw, greenery and hodge-podge lamps.
Old chest with new unfinished legs. The metal tray holds the remotes and such.
Goodwill accessories - even the pillow. (I washed it.)

My boys will not want me to keep that pillow out. Can you imagine me saying to them "hello LOVELY"?

OMG! I am already so weird in their 14 year old eyes that I just have to keep my mouth shut most of the time as it is.
Luckily, I am the queen in Mazi's tired eyes.

Thanks for the tour Mae...that was exhausting, I know, and we didn't even make it to the kitchen and bedrooms.
Until next time...ZZZZZZZZZZ


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